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The “Piece of Mind Experience ” began in the Summer of 1997 over a few beers between two old friends. After scraping together their short life savings and student loans, they rolled the dice. A run-down building in an alleyway behind a local pub is where they landed. Now in its 18th year of operations, the OG Piece of Mind store remains an underground icon in the Spokane Valley.

A few more beers and a few more friends built early momentum. The second location in North Spokane was established in 2000. Shortly thereafter, Piece of Mind stumbled its way to Seattle, finding a home in Fremont. A network of close friends found themselves rooted within an artistic movement, and this grew into a family. The Piece of Mind Family was born.

Hard work and good times helped the family grow around Seattle and eventually out of state. Missoula Montana and Portland Oregon are testament to that. With Bend, Tacoma and Anchorage Alaska being our youngsters, Piece of Mind is reaching new heights.

Today Piece of Mind continues to be an integral part of the functional glass art movement. With its network of artists, suppliers, employees and partners Piece of Mind is committed to being on the forefront of growth and change. At the same time, the nostalgia of our past reminds us of who we are and where we came from.

We owe our success to those who keep our vision alive: The founders, the artists, the new talent, our progressive employees, the old school and contemporary companies, and the rest of the Piece of Mind Family.

Peace, Love and Waterpipes.

- The Piece of Mind Crew