featured artist: darby

Darby Bamboo Tube Quick View

Darby Bamboo Tube

$ 2,500.00

Darby Bamboo Tube Artist: Darby Year: 2009 Fitting: Handground 18mm joint on tube, flush 18/14 downstem, 14mm bowl Signed and dated Approximately 1...
Darby Cactus Flower Tube Quick View

Darby Cactus Flower Tube

$ 1,300.00

Darby Cactus Flower Tube Artist: Darby Year: 2013 Fitting: 18mm handground female joint on tube, includes 18-14 male to male downstem, 14mm female ...
Darby Cactus Pendants/Carb Caps Quick View

Darby Cactus Pendants/Carb Caps

$ 450.00

Artist: Darby Year: 2016 #1 Off-white approximately 2-3/16" #2 White approximately 2-5/16" #3 Blue approximately 2-7/16" #4 Ice blue approximately ...
Darby Dark Amethyst Opal Pendant Quick View

Darby Dark Amethyst Opal Pendant

$ 900.00

Artist: Darby Year: 2016 Approximately 3" tall and 2.25" wide Features 15mm black opal coin and free floating 8mm white opal Store: South Hill Sig...
Darby Holm "Black & Red Elvis" Quick View

Darby Holm "Black & Red Elvis"

$ 2,500.00

Artist: Darby Holm Year: Circa 2011 Style: Natural Perc to Donut Waterpipe Fitting: 14mm Female Joint Colors: Red Elvis & Black. Includes: Work...
Darby Inline Scorpion Tube Quick View

Darby Inline Scorpion Tube

$ 3,500.00

Darby Inline Scorpion Tube Artist: Darby Year: Circa 2012 Fitting: 14mm Male, includes 14mm female dome Approximately 13-14" tall Store: North Divi...
Darby Layback Natural Perc Quick View

Darby Layback Natural Perc

$ 2,400.00

Darby Layback Natural Perc Approximately 14" long Fitting push bowl Signed and dated 2009 Store: Fremont ALL PRODUCTS ON THIS SITE ARE INTENDED FOR...
Darby Natural Perc Tube Quick View

Darby Natural Perc Tube

$ 3,000.00

Darby Natural Perc Tube Approximately 21.25" tall Fitting 14mm fixed female, includes a 14mm male bowl Signed and dated 2010 Store: Fremont ALL PRO...
Darby X Brando Fume Cactus Quick View

Darby X Brando Fume Cactus

$ 4,500.00

Artist: Darby X Brando Year: 2016 Approximately 6.5" tall Fitting: 14mm female Signed Store: The Y ALL PRODUCTS ON THIS SITE ARE INTENDED FOR T...